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Investing in real estate is a major financial decision, and one that can be very rewarding from both a production and recreational perspective. Finding the right person, or group of persons to aid in that decision is crucial the successful outcome of that investment. Though our company has offered brokerage services since its inception in 1982, it wasn’t until 2006 when the business began offering these services on a full time basis. During most of the time between 1982 and 2006, Paul Bierschwale, ARA, CRE, focused the business on valuation services and established a well-respected valuation firm providing services throughout the State of Texas and several other areas throughout the Nation. While Paul has continuously maintained a broker’s license throughout that time, the business was almost entirely focused on these valuation services to a wide range of clients. With the addition of Scott Phillips in 2006 the company began to offer brokerage service to the Kimble and surrounding counties. Now, in his 9th year in the real estate business, Scott holds a broker’s license as well and continues to serve the Kimble and surrounding areas.

As we hope that visitors to the site will recognize, it is our opinion that our extensive work in the real estate valuation field throughout the State gives us a unique opportunity to serve potential buyers or sellers of real property in the Hill Country area. Scott routinely relies upon knowledge gained by our appraisal staff to aid in his communications with our clients interested in buying or selling real estate. Clients are able to tap into our vast network of real estate professionals throughout the State with questions, concerns, and advice on how best to proceed with the sale or purchase of a tract of land. These additional resources through our office help to guide our clients into formulating the best course of action for achieving their goals with their real estate holdings. With nine years of experience in the local and extended market, Scott has had a wide range of opportunities to identify positive and negative characteristics of land, and has learned how those characteristics interrelate with value. He maintains very good relationships with other area brokers, home builders, and subcontractors and is available to offer guidance into many more faucets of real estate other than simply closing a transaction.

Given the resources available to our office, we feel that we can visit with any client about his or her goals, prepare factual information with which we can contribute to the discussion, explain how that information interacts with the goal, and formulate a plan of action to implement in order to achieve the client’s final decision. Our office does not consider itself to be a simple facilitator of a real estate transaction; rather we consider ourselves experts in the real property consultation and valuation field and feel that those attributes contribute considerably to our clients overall experience of the buying or selling experience.

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The backbone of our company lies in the area of real estate valuation. The origin of the company was formed by Paul Bierschwale, ARA, CRE, in 1982 with the primary service being that of appraisal and real property economics research. Since that time the firm has embarked on a long and successful history of providing these services to clients ranging from individuals to attorneys and accountants, banks, corporate offices, and governmental agencies. Our appraisal staff consists of four certified general appraisers who have earned accreditation from the Nation’s top respected appraisal organizations. Through the years, Bierschwale Appraisals has provided valuations, consulting and litigation support in conjunction with private purchases, loans, estates, conservation easements, partitions, lake acquisitions, right-of-way acquisitions, financial planning, fee simple, easement and partial interest situations and a myriad of other potential questions relating to real property. Over the 33 years of serving its clientele, the company has become known for providing well supported, reliable valuation results for agencies and private property owners in need of sound, credible professional recommendations to be used in business decisions. Primary clients are in need of market based indications to utilize in making financial decisions for which results and consequences are significant. The company has served clients such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, Texas Department of Transportation, Lower Colorado River Authority and numerous other agencies, municipalities, accountants, attorneys, private land owners and other users of our services.

The company and its employees have significant experience in market research and analysis. We maintain a reputation of complete research and accurate analysis in order to provide sound, market based results which aid in both litigation and personal decisions involving real property. Analysis, visual depiction (mapping, photos, etc.) and a logical, well written report allow decision makers the confidence to rely on the results indicated by projects completed by Bierschwale Land Company, LLC. Users of our services are assured the highest level of cutting edge technology and expertise provided by a firm with the highest commitment to business ethics and personal integrity. Litigation based clients are assured that we possess a staff that has adequate experience in testimony, and have multiple accredited and qualified individuals that are capable of providing such testimony so that scheduling of hearings and trials may be accommodated in almost all instances.

Throughout our history valuation services have been rendered throughout the majority of Texas including more than 220 of the 254 counties in Texas, as well as various locations throughout the country. Our primary area of focus has consistently been in the Edward’s Plateau (Hill Country), Panhandle, West, South, Coastal Plains, and Lower Rio Grande Valley areas of the State. These are areas that our office routinely conducts business on a daily basis and areas in which our appraisers are geographically competent in land markets. As stated, services have also been provided throughout our history in the Central, Northern, and Eastern regions of the State as well, and when called upon to provide valuation estimates in these regions, our staff is well connected and is capable of providing up to date information regarding the state of the real estate market in those areas as well.

With such a broad brush of areas in which we operate, we pride ourselves in gaining a unique perspective on valuation trends that helps us serve our local clients in the most efficient manner possible. By keeping an eye on the pulse of the real estate market through such a large portion of the State, we are able to help our clients seeking to invest in real estate through our personal experiences and findings and help guide potential buyers and/or sellers of real estate so that their investment potential is maximized.


With background in both valuation and brokerage, our office can assist with all your real estate consulting needs. Experience in estate planning, partitions, right-of-way acquisition and several other specialized areas of real estate give our office a unique perspective that allows our clients the best consulting advice possible. We have connections throughout the State of Texas which allows us to give our clients guidance on varying property types throughout the State. We can provide guidance on best practices for maximizing your investment whether that be through land maintenance, water development, estate planning, real property taxation, listing and purchase pricing, or many other components of a real property investment.


Visualizing a property in its geographical context can be a very useful tool for property owners; whether the goal is an overview of property operations, characteristics, or productivity. Our office has the tools available to present digital and hard copy maps of a tract of land with extreme precision and detail. Capabilities include precise locations of ranch roads, water wells, partition fences, hunting blinds, residences, etc. Our team will visit your property and tour the tract to glean as much detail as the project requires. Once all information is gathered for the specific project, our staff will utilize ArcGIS to create a customizable map that can be shared with you and anyone else who may need access, as well as a customized hard copy print in large format (36” wide and variable lengths) that may be framed for a wall mount. In addition to large overview maps, our office can create a more detailed map book for extremely large ranches. This map book is gridded out with corresponding pages for each grid area that exhibits a greater level of detail. Examples of types of maps created include:

There really is no limit to the style or type of map that our office can produce. Give us a call and tell us your goal; we’ll make it happen.